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Giana Rosetti is an electrical engineer and a PMP certified with a successful track record directing projects and programs in, Waterfall, Agile and Hybrid environments. She is expert in developing mechanisms for monitoring, and integrating project portfolio elements.  She has a strong international experience in managing cross-functional teams dispersed geographically in deadline driven conditions with strict budget requirements.

Giana has broad experience that includes leading companies in multiple industries, including Hi-tech, Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Medical Devices, Health Care and international operations.

She also has an excellent international experience in managing cross-functional, cross-cultural teams dispersed geographically, with the ability to quickly perceive project and program issues and develop corrective actions based on sound principles.

Giana's expertise is in global business with deep-rooted experience in Latin American countries working with product development and new product launches for emerging technologies.

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From Nov 2017 To Present

ResMed San Diego, CA

Senior Project Manager - Healthcare Informatics, Global Cloud Operations

Brought on board to manage software upgrade project for 5 million respiratory medical devices globally via Over The Air (OTA), including software enhancements or corrections to devices in the field. Accountable for escalating and ensuring resolution to project issues, dealing with resource constraints, and managing intra-project timing challenges and dependencies, including facilitating team planning sessions and other Agile program ceremonies.


  • Proactively identified roadblocks and ensured resolution to project issues, by understanding technical vision and communicating it to both technical and non-technical parties.
  • Increased the efficiency for provision of servers by revising IQ,OQ,PQ (Installation Operational Performance Qualification) process with team, which was time consuming prior to revision.
  • Directed project activities for global cross-functional project teams (US, Australia and France) through facilitation of meetings and distribution of information in Confluence and Jira.
From Aug 2013 To Apr 2018

MedImpact Healthcare Systems San Diego, CA

Senior Implementation / Project Manager

Managed projects for new clients to have their members’ health information integrated into the company’s proprietary software serving more than 67 thousand pharmacies. Led cross-functional teams (over 30 business units) involving custom SDL, detailed schedules, burn down/up charts, reports, risks, quality improvements, and delivery of great customer experiences from conception to maintenance of business. Developed test plans, identified discrepancies, inaccuracies, and unexpected consequences. Projects ranging from 75,000 to 5 million dollars in annual revenue.


  • Led challenging schedule, risk management, resource allocation, and internal / external client teams, delivering a system serving a combined almost 90,000 pharmacy benefit claims for New York State.
  • Successfully managed projects on time and within the agreed acceptance criteria in a hybrid methodology environment (Agile and Waterfall) including Burn-Down progress reports to all stakeholders and clients.
  • Delivered flawless implementations and client satisfaction by assuring project deliverables were consistent with schedule and quality to achieve claims adjudication accuracy under federal Affordable Care Act requirements.
  • Accelerated client satisfaction and slashed error rate by creating and implementing project procedures for various health care market segments.
  • Managed projects in compliance with the client service agreement eliminating any risks for non-adherence to the executed contract.
  • Pioneered innovative communication techniques and KPIs to expedite daily and weekly status reports for management, clients and project team ensuring completeness of all project documentation throughout the project lifecycle.
From Feb 2011 To Apr 2013

GR Conslting Group / SODEXHO USA - France

PMO Project Manager

Work directly with key executives to determine core requirements for on-time and on-budget delivery of solutions for multifaceted projects. Authored and designed Sharepoint with more than 300 downloadable templates as client resource for practical and effective project Management Office (PMO) practices and tools. Plan and lead training sessions for technical managers to improve project methodology. Provide accurate and comprehensive metrics to guide management in future decision making.


  • Implemented Project Management Office PMO structure / best practices in purchasing departments in France, US and Brazil increasing project portfolio performance and delivery speed by45%.
  • Tracked metrics for all projects and maintained centralized accountability for management of project portfolio including configuration issues identified during the implementation ensuring timelines and deliverables were met.
  • Created and led training sessions for technical managers and clients for new processes and templates usage resulting in enhanced team communications, cohesiveness, and project methodology improvement.
From Oct 2007 To Feb 2011


Validation Project Manager

Managed equipment and software validation projects to meet FDA 21CFR11 compliance requirements and GMP practices. Charged with delivering defect reduction, gap analysis, systems optimization, and process consistency.


  • ALTHEA TECHNOLOGIES - Executed validation protocols (IQ, OQ, PQ) for Software, Programmable Logic Controllers, and utility equipment (Oven/Conveyors, Autoclaves, WFI, Fermentors and Sterilizers) ensuring their accuracy and reliability for their intended use.
  • NEXTPHARMA - Ensured satisfactory FDA inspections by developing standard operating procedures (SOPs), and processes for production equipment including Qualification of Temperature Storage Units (TCSU).
  • GENOPTIX - Wrote installation and operational qualification testing protocol for Reverse Osmosis / De-Ionized (RO/DI) water systems demonstrating that its requirements met company’s polices and government agencies.
From Nov 2005 To Sep 2007

Hewlett Packard San Diego

Program Manager - HP Smart Web Printing Software 2007

Launched program for Web 2.0 software integration, managing the software lifecycle (Agile process) from customer needs identification through testing, data warehousing, release and support. Worked with offshore developers in India, communicating daily to ensure progress. Provided leadership, direction, and guidance to a cross-functional, cross-border team.


  • Improved the overall efficiency of the program, delivering the first release 3 months ahead of the cycle deadline.
  • Promoted the benefits of new software tools through training, product demonstration and customer engagement, increasing software usage 30% in its first release.
  • Created and led training sessions for technical managers and clients for new processes and templates usage resulting in enhanced team communications, cohesiveness, and project methodology improvement.

Writing Systems Engineer(SPS) 2005-2007

Directed major Print Center project (Waterfall process) to develop feasibility studies and roadmaps for thermal inkjet technologies. Organized print test infrastructure to deliver information to engineering and sales teams. Mediated between Engineering and Marketing.



  • Established ongoing test and process methods; decreased delivery cycle time 35% through test verification toolkit with the flexibility to incorporate changes to the project scope.
  • Created customer experience standards for worldwide industrial printers, demonstrating an understanding of different market segments.
  • Key engineer in bridging technical and operational gaps between critical subsystems.
  • Increased awareness of SPS among HP partners and OEM vendors.



Skills & Language

MS Project
Office 365


  • EnglishEnglish: Fluent
  • PortuguesePortuguese: Fluent
  • SpanishSpanish: Fluent
  • ItalianItalian: Fluent
  • FrançaiseFrench: Intermediate


  • Project Management Office PMO and Project Portfolio Management- Creation & Implementation
  • All phases of project involvement from obtaining requirements to roll out and training of end users while maintaining the budget, integrity time constraints, and objectives.
  • Creation and evaluation of effective project requirement documentation, performance and metrics.
  • Project interdependencies, risks and barriers identification, and appropriate mitigation process assurance.
  • Customer engagements, ranging from the smallest to the most complex projects and deliverables, quality standards within the specified constraints of scope, time and cost.
  • Project margin and financial constraints & EMV.
  • Project visibility assurance to the appropriate channels and management teams.
  • Cross functional team management including training of all employees on proper project management processes.
  • Development of necessary communications tools (web based digital dashboard, executive project status reporting, etc.).
  • Communication and transparency with executive on project risk analysis, status, requirements, and impacts to strategic directions.
  • Mediation, conflict resolution, and linkage between the technical teams, business owners, and stakeholders.
  • External auditors, regulatory auditors and 3rd parties’ relationship.
  • MARKET ANALYSIS - Technology Assessment, Market Research, Competitive Analysis, and Distinctive Competence.
  • PRODUCT STRATEGY - Business Case, Pricing, Buy, Build or Partner, Product Portfolio, Innovation.
  • PRODUCT PLANNING - Positioning, Market Requirements, Product Roadmap, Use Scenarios, and Release Milestones.
  • PROGRAM STRATEGY - Marketing Plan, Customer Acquisition & Retention, Launch Plan, Success Stories, and Lead Generation.
  • CHANNEL SUPPORT - Presentations, Videos, Demos, and Event Support.
VALIDATION - Quality Assurance & Control
  • DQ: Design Qualification
  • IQ: Installation Qualification
  • OQ: Operational Qualification
  • PQ: Performance Qualification
  • Process Validation
  • CRF 22 Part 11 Compliance
  • Validation Master Plans
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
  • Final Reports
  • Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP)
  • Tools: Compliance 360, Confluence, SalesForce. XML, HTM5, CSS3, JavaScript, and Knowledge of SQL and PHP
  • VIDEO: Adobe Premier, Cyberlink, Corel, Movie Maker
  • AUDIO:EDITING, STREAM, RADIO) - Adobe Soundbooth, Audition, Sound Forge, and Audacity.
  • WEBSITE DESIGN: Dreamweaver, Sharepoint, and Front Page.
  • PUBLISHING - Adobe InDesign and ebook coversions to iPhone, iPad, and other eReaders.
  • MS OFFICE - MS Project, MS Visio, Word, Powerpoint, and Excel
  • GRAPHIC DESIGN - Fash and Photoshop


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